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Wildwood Transport is a family business that provides specialized transportation services across North America. We operate a wide variety of open deck trailers, including a mix of flat decks, step decks and double drop RGNs (Removable Goose Neck), but with our collective expertise we have successfully moved virtually anything that will fit on an open deck trailer.

Equipment Hauling

Our specialized expertise in hauling agriculture and construction equipment truly sets us apart from our competition.  We employ and train people that are highly knowledgeable, safety oriented, and exceptional communicators to ensure the job is done right.  Everyone throughout our company are well versed in Canadian and US regulations, permits, pilot cars, bridge heights, road restrictions, and customs to be sure that moving a complicated piece of freight can be as simple as a single phone call for our customers. 

Our Approach to Customer Service

Our mission is to deliver an effortless experience to our customers, but what allows us to do this?

Simply put, our approach to customer service relies on obtaining detailed customer information, and getting it into the hands of our people that need it to deliver a customized, exceptional customer experience.   We seek to understand tangible details about your business’s priorities and processes, so that we can design solutions that simplify your shipping experience.  It is this consultative approach that ultimately allows us to deliver a highly customized solution that addresses every one of our customers’ requirements.  Our commitment is then to execute on those promises with discipline and consistency.  

If we have done our job, we should be able to describe the specific tangible ways that we add value to our customers’ business, far beyond offering the cheapest price.

Our People

Now focused exclusively on trucking for over 2 decades, Wildwood has developed a team of professionals that have a strong technical expertise in the open deck trucking industry.  Our people are professional, inquisitive, and excellent communicators, all highly important building blocks that allow us to deliver an effortless customer experience.  

We strive to develop detailed technical expertise in all areas of our company.  We believe that we can provide value to our customers by doing more than moving freight – our people act as a resource for our customers, they learn about problems and help find solutions, and they jump in and help to make sure the job is done right.

The most critical aspect to the people at Wildwood is their integrity.  People with integrity have strong character, they remain committed to their word and they always own their mistakes.  As a team we can offer far more than integrity, but at the very least you can count on us to be honest, make reasonable commitments that we will meet, and to be open and above board when we make a mistake. 

Ryan Mitchell
Ryan MitchellPresident
Kevin Mitchell
Kevin MitchellVP Operations

About Us

Based just outside Winnipeg Manitoba, Wildwood Transport provides open deck and specialized transportation service accross North America.

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PO Box 46027 RPO Westdale

Winnipeg, MB R3R 3S3

Phone: 800 668 4565

Fax: 204 957 8860

Email: info@wildwoodtransport.com

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