Flat Deck

Length: 48' or 53'
Axles: 2 or 3
Max Payload USA: 49,000 lbs
Max Payload Canada: 55,000 lbs

Ideal for general commodities such as steel, lumber, racking, concrete forms, pipe as well as skidded freight.

Step Deck

Length: 48'
Axles: 2 or 3
Max Payload USA: 48,000 lbs
Max Payload Canada: 54,000 lbs

With a lower height these trailers are great for hauling smaller agriculture and construction equipment as well as manufactured goods such as industrial fans, steel trusses and large diameter pipe. These trailers can also be used for general commodities that are hauled on flat decks.

Double Drop RGN

Well Length: 29' or up to 55' on extendable trailer
Loaded Well Deck Height: 18"
Axles: 2 or 3

For hauling larger ariculture equipment such as tractors, combines and sprayers as well as construction equipment like dozers, excavators, compactors and rock trucks. These trailers can also support up to 40 tons in 16'.

9-Axle RGN

Axles: 6

To spread weight our 9-axle RGN consists of a lead jeep booster, the trailer and a trailing booster. These trailers are used for large and heavy equipment such as track excavators, cranes and military equipment.

Learn more about our fleet and how we can move your freight.

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